Using World Uncovered? 

World Uncovered is one of the easiest-to-use apps out there. Just press the record ("REC") button whenever you are planning on moving around and want your travels logged. When you're planning on staying put and want to save battery, simply hit "STOP." Everything else is handled automatically. For more details on how to manage and view your data, see our How to use World Uncovered page.



Can I import my travel database from Fog of World? 

Yes! And it's simple to do: first, back up your Fog of World database to Dropbox. Next, copy it from the Fog of World Dropbox folder to the World Uncovered Dropbox import folder. Finally, open the World Uncovered and use the Import function.


If you need a more complete step-by-step than that: Link both World Uncovered and Fog of World to Dropbox from within the respective apps. Choose the "Sync and Backup" menu option in Fog of World, and back up your Fog of World database. Now open the Dropbox app. Tap on Files. Go to Applications -> Fog of World -> Backup. Select all of the files that are displayed there. Tap "Copy." Go up two folders and then into World Uncovered -> Import. Tap Paste; all the files from the Fog of World Backup folder should now appear in your World Uncovered Import folder. Now, open the World Uncovered app, tap "Settings", then "Import", then "Select All" and finally "Import Selected." Please note that if your Fog of World database is extensive, the Import can take quite some time to convert it, so make sure you're plugged in or have ample battery, and be prepared to be patient.


What is the battery usage of World Uncovered? 

We tried to keep the battery usage of our app as low as possible, but using location services (GPS) is inevitably fairly energy-intensive. Our tests show that recording a one-hour trip will typically consume 5 to 10% of your battery, depending on iPhone model you use and assuming that you are not running other apps or using the phone's other features in the meantime. Naturally, using the phone to listen to music, watch movies, browse the internet or use other apps will result in additional drain, as all of these functions consume energy as well.


Ideally, we'd like to provide our users with a full day of use, but there are many factors beyond our control. For one thing, bigger iPhones have bigger batteries and will last longer. Older iPhones are less power-efficient and will drain more quickly. If you’re taking a long trip and aren't sure your battery will make it, bring a portable charger or extra battery, and remember to stop recording whenever you stop to rest.


Can I import trips from other GPS-enabled devices? 

If your device can save its data in either GPX or KLM format, then you can import that data to World Uncovered. Save the files to Dropbox and move them into the World Uncovered ->Import folder. Open the World Uncovered app, go to "Settings" -> "Import," select the files and tap "Import Selected."  Another option is to send yourself the files as email attachments and open them in World Uncovered from there.


What is World Uncovered privacy policy? 

We don’t store any of your private data on our servers. Our app does not use your recorded trip data for any purpose other than producing maps which are displayed only to you. If you want to learn more about our privacy policy, all the details can be found on the relevant page.


Do I need Internet Data enabled to record my trips abroad? 

You can record your trips anywhere and never need Internet Data enabled, except for Dropbox backup. Location services don't require an internet connection, but keep in mind that when you open the app without an Internet connection, you may see only your recorded path but no world map underneath. Don’t worry, the map underlay will be downloaded the next time you are connected to the Internet.


Can I record my trips while onboard a plane or train? 

It depends. Planes are particularly tricky. It helps if you're in a window seat. Make sure that your phone is in Airplane mode and wait until the GPS activates. This can take 30 seconds or more, and sometimes as long as 5 minutes, before the phone has collected enough satellite information. On the ground, when your phone is not in Airplane mode, it uses BTS towers to speed up location services, but the signal from those towers doesn't reach up into the clouds. You may still get get it to work when conditions are just right, but there are no guarantees. Some planes' exteriors will block your signals entirely, making recording impossible. In these cases, you can use Flight Radar or a similar service to get your flight data for import into World Uncovered, but be aware that some of these are paid services separate from World Uncovered itself.


Trains are a bit different. Usually they are no problem, but some modern trains use signal enhancers, which can cause readings to deviate from your actual position. That means your trajectory may sometimes appear not to follow the tracks, but we feel it's better to have a slightly inaccurate path than no tracking at all.


Unfortunately, we haven’t yet had a chance to test World Uncovered on the open ocean. If you do take World Uncovered on a cruise with you, or do some sailing of your own, we'd be delighted to receive your feedback. That said, we would expect it to work as usual, although your phone will probably need to use GPS satellites instead of BTS towers to calculate your location.

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