How to use World Uncovered


To use World Uncovered just open the app and press REC button. As long as it is red the app records your position, altitude and speed. When you start using the app for the first time you can walk around looking at your screen to see how the world around you uncovers. Later, when you’re familiar with the idea, you can just put your phone in the pocket. The app can work in background and you don’t have to observe it. When you finish your trip just press STOP button (red button). You can use World Uncovered everyday to record your everyday little trips, not just when you go on bigger trips.


You can zoom in and out the map to see your trips in detail or how they compare to the scale of the world. Move around the map with your finger and see other parts of your trips or map.


When you uncovered new places you earn points. For those points we will grant you level of experience. As well as some awards. You can earn extra points for visiting special places, lake world famous landmarks or for earning some awards. You don’t need to do anything extra besides making sure to register your travels.


By tapping on map icon you can change map view modes. You can chose whether you want to see normal map, satellite view or mix. Your trips can be displayed in 4 modes: Uncovered, Altitude, Speed and Routes. Each is useful and has it’s own purpose. When you’re in Uncovered mode it’s the easiest to see where you have and have not been. Speed map shows you how fast you traveled. Altitude map shows you how hight have you been. Routes will show you your most often traveled places.


If you want to quickly navigate from country to country or from continent to continent tap on earth icon and then on continent of your interest. List of corresponding countries will be shown and you can swipe it left and right to see countries that don’t fit on the screen. Tap the country of your choice to automatically zoom on it. Another tap on the same country will change trips view mode one by one.

World Uncovered

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