Discover all the places you have been.

And all you haven’t.


It's a simple concept with the potential to go far. The world is yours to discover and our app is the perfect tool to help you do it, and make the experience even more fun. Start with a map that’s completely covered, and uncover locations by visiting them. Change up your routine and find ways of going places you’ve never been. Take a different route to work or school. Take a bike ride through the countryside. Travel. What better day to start the journey of a lifetime than today?

Key features

  •  Uncovered

Reveal the map by visiting new places. See where you’ve already been.

  •  Height map

It's not a flat world; keep on climbing and try for a literal high score.

  •  Speed map

Your travels take place in time as well as space; whether you're out for a stroll or taking a jet, we track not only where you've been but how fast you got there.

  •  Routes

Some journeys are once-in-a-lifetime, while other paths we take almost every day; what are your most- and least-traveled routes?

  •  Achievements

From beginners to experts, we have goals for everyone. Get a high score for your travels.

  •  Landmarks

World most famous landmarks are awaiting you. See as many as you can, score extra points.

  •  Statistics

World, continent and country based statistics are ready for you. See how much, how fast or how high you traveled.

  •  Battery efficient

Travels take time, that’s why we made sure to make our app easy on your phone battery.

Walk, bike, ride… and leave your mark.

Travel. Explore. Uncover!


Whether you’re making a trip across town or across the ocean, World Uncovered will lead you to visit places you’ve never seen. The more you travel, the more your map begins to paint a picture of your life. Are you a wanderer or a creature of habit? A jet-setter or a mountain climber? Whatever your style of travel, World Uncovered will push you to reach new horizons and seek out new experiences.

Colour your world.


World Uncovered features multiple mapping modes, most of which harness the power of colour to document your journey in more detail, and paint a prettier picture in the process. Take our Speed map, for instance; if you're out for a walk, you'll leave a trail in green. Push hard on your bike or jump in a car, and you'll get into the yellow. High-speed trains and jets will have you lighting up the map in red. With World Uncovered, you can see not only where you've gone, but how you got there.

Set your sights high.


The world is not flat; your path will take you up and down, from dark green valleys to red peaks. Let us paint a picture of all your ups and downs... and don’t worry about waterproofing your phone: We don't ask you to trek below sea level.

Not all journeys span the globe.


You don't have to be taking overseas trips to get into the game. World Uncovered’s “Routes” mode gives you insight into your own daily habits by tracking not only where you’ve been, but how often you’ve been there. You probably know already which path you take to work or school, but dig a little deeper and you might be surprised. Maybe you’ll discover a shortcut you’ve been missing all along, or find yourself reminded that you should hit the beach more often. Wherever they take you, your footsteps paint the portrait of your life.

120+ world famous landmarks to see.


The Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, Big Ben, Machu Picchu, the Golden Gate Bridge, Great Pyramids, Westerplatte, the Burj Khalifa, the Colosseum, Sagrada Familia, Petronas Towers and many more sights await you.


How many have you seen? Which ones are on your bucket list? Perhaps you could even try to see them all. World Uncovered knows the locations of over 120 of the world's greatest landmarks, and keeps your checklist updated automatically whenever you visit one.

Sydney Opera, Australia
The Eiffel Tower, Paris, Frace
Stonehenge, England
Taj Mahal, India

The world is your gameboard.


Traveling is its own reward, but who doesn’t have a little bit of a competitive streak? When you travel with World Uncovered, you earn points. The world’s most famous landmarks score bonus points, and there are dozens of achievements for you to chase as well. Whether you're striving to reach the next Travel Experience Level or competing with a friend for a high score, gamifying your travel is a great way to encourage yourself to do what you really wanted to be doing anyway – seeing the world.

Game Center enabled.


The world is full of people, and World Uncovered helps you connect with them as well. Do you think you’re among the top 50% of travelers? Top 10%? Top 1%? Log in to Game Center and see how you really stack up. You can compare your travel score to your friends and to the world at large. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran traveler, you’ll find no shortage of motivation with World Uncovered.

Monument Valley, USA
Mount Fuji, Japan
Half Dome, Yosemite, California, USA

Your privacy matters.


World Uncovered tracks a great deal of data about your travels, including your position, speed, altitude and frequently-visited locations, but by default, this information is stored safely on your own device, and won’t be sent anywhere without your say-so. The app has plenty of functionality for sharing and backing up your data should you choose to do so, but these features are clearly indicated, and will never be activated without your consent. Your data is yours and yours alone, to share or keep private as you like.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA

Transfer your Fog of World travels.


If you've been using Fog of World, don't worry, you won't have to start all over. There's a simple three-step process for getting your Fog of World map into World Uncovered. First, sync Fog of World database to DropBox, then copy the file into your World Uncovered DropBox folder and finally, import it. Nothing to it. Do keep in mind, however, that Fog of World tracked only your position, so places you've visited using that app will show zero altitude and speed until you revisit them. If you’re looking for Fog of World alternative then World Uncovered is the best one.

There’s no time like the present.


They say the journey of a lifetime begins with a single step. Well, now it begins with a single tap. The world’s bigger than you think in some ways, and smaller in others, and now discovery can both fill your life, yet fit in your pocket. What are you waiting for? Download World Uncovered today, and start leaving your mark on the world.

World Uncovered

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